“open up the blinds, realize I am blessed with LIFE” – March for Life 2012

January 27, 2012

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning with a certain song playing in your head?  This is the song I woke up to today…a little throwback to 2005:

It’s called “Can I Live?” by Nick Cannon, in which Cannon recounts his mother’s struggle to decide whether to abort him or not.  It’s a rare pro-life song by a popular cultural icon.

It’s interesting that this of all songs would get stuck in my head (seemingly out of nowhere) now — in the wake of the March for Life 2012.  Even though I’m an ocean away, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the March from facebook friends and Catholic news sites (though most of the “major” news sources like the New York Times, typically, seemed to have forgotten to cover it).

What’s really cool to hear is the number of people who came out to support the March.  Number estimates reach up to 400,000 or even 500,000 protestors.  500,000!  To put that into perspective, that’s more than the Civil Rights March of 1963 (250,000), the GLBT Rally in DC of 2o09 (100,000), and the Occupy Movements in the U.S. on 10/15/2011 (the largest single day of protests in OWS, 100,000) combined.

And what’s super cool — and what makes me even prouder to be part of this generation — is that the March for Life was primarily comprised of young people.  (And these aren’t “the unwashed and angry young people occupying Wall Street.”  Rather, they’re young people who know how to “have a peaceful, well organized and legal protest and still be radical.”)

We have lots to look forward to as Catholics and pro-lifers in general.  Life is a gift, a blessing, and a right.  It’s our duty to defend life for the generations to come.  Till the next March, keep praying, keep advocating, and keep loving life.

n.b. incidentally, the  title of this post does not come from “Can I Live?”  It’s a verse from the song “Paving the Way” by Incise.  I just really like the lyrics and thought they’d be relevant to the post…