Who am I? And what is this blog?

July 5, 2011

Who am I?  Well, I’m a Filipino.  An American.  A conservative.  An aspiring classicist.  But above all, a Catholic – an imperfect one, but I’m trying.

Being Catholic has always been an essential part of my life.  I live in a country where Catholics are the largest religious denomination.  My parents are from a country that holds its Catholic heritage in great renown.  And I go to the greatest Catholic university in the United States – the University of Notre Dame.  (In fact, I’ve been Catholic-educated my whole life, starting all the way back in nursery!)

It is through my Catholic faith that I have understood myself and the world.  And it is from this experience that I truly believe that being Catholic matters.  Catholicism is not just a religion; it’s a worldview and lifestyle.  The Church guides us, and I believe that it has something to teach us about anything in life, from ancient literature to economics.

This blog was born out of my desire to explore in greater depth why Catholicism and Catholics are as important as ever in our world today.  Many would say that religion is in decline, but I disagree:  Just look around and you can see what good the Church has done and continues to do.

I want this blog to be flexible so as to suit my wide range of interests and to hopefully pique some interest of a casual passerby.  I’d like there to be a mix of formal (such as editorials and reviews) and informal (such as current events commentary and personal reflections) posts.  Perhaps down the line this will even become a multi-contributor operation.  For now, however, I’ll aim to keep things simple.

I’m excited to begin this journey.  Always remember, being Catholic matters.