Catholic Matters has two aims:  To discuss matters important to Catholics like politics and culture and, more importantly, to demonstrate why being Catholic matters in our world today.  (Hence, the name of the blog.)  Topics range from the lighthearted to the serious, but at all times Catholic Matters strives to be informative, stimulating, and proud to be Catholic.

Posts fall into five overarching categories:
1) Newsclips and Tidbits, which reports news and happenings in the media and briefly comments on their relevance to Catholics.
2)  Trivia: Today and Yesterday, a sort of “Did you know?” section of Catholic Matters.
3) Editorials, more thematic than technical and very catholic (with a small c) in taste, these offer opinions and perspectives on Catholic culture, thinking, etc.
4) Reviews, movies Catholics should watch and books Catholics should read.
5) Random Reflections, more personal and abstract and less didactic than the editorials.

Always remember:  Being Catholic matters.


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