Turn Tomorrow into a Moment you Treasure

One of the things I love most about Catholicism is that we’re taught to appreciate and make use of the gifts God gives us. One of those gifts is life with all its small pleasures.

Other religious philosophies tell us to shun life’s pleasures, while still others teach us that living in the moment is the highest good. But Catholicism — as it often does — takes a “both-and” approach. We realize that our final goal is union with God in heaven and that nothing on earth can ever compare to that. But we also realize that God gave us the gift of life. We should enjoy it, because the small pleasures in life very often help us to understand the nature of God’s goodness. We should also use life to share God’s goodness with others.

Don’t waste life away. Turn tomorrow into a moment you treasure. Fall in love, help a friend, chase a dream, make memories. Because life is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.


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