Dean Woo on Leadership

Former Dean of ND’s Business School — and newly appointed President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services —  Carolyn Woo is coming to LA this September to speak at the Catholic Prayer Breakfast. (She’s in good company.  The two past speakers have been Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, and Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York.)

Click the picture for the full Tidings story.

You can read the rest of the article for yourself above.  I’m posting this because I was particularly struck by Dean Woo’s quotes on leadership.  I’m cutting and pasting them here to let them speak for themselves.  I think from them you’ll see that the saying that Notre Dame students get to the top not to be served but to serve others holds very true.

Leadership is first and foremost a love story,” Woo explained in a recent telephone interview. “It’s a love story in the sense that you have to really care and love the mission that you’re given. Almost as you raise your children, your life is devoted to this. It’s a love for what the organization stands for. It’s a love for the people who work side-by-side with you. You understand the sacrifices they made and their extraordinary generosity and faith. And a love for the people who are affected by what you do.

Leadership is about the heart,” she added. “A lot of times we talk about leadership skills. Having good skills are necessary but not sufficient. The part that is really important is about the heart and the heart is about love. That’s what the Bible is about.”

Keep repping the ND spirit, Dean Woo.


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