ND regaining some cred

Notre Dame is finally regaining some of its credibility as a legitimate Catholic University, at least by John Zmirak of Crisis Magazine.

Golden Dome

Catholic once again.

This is definitely nice news to go to sleep to.  Every Catholic college-list I’ve seen since ND’s Obama Fiasco of 2009 has omitted Notre Dame, and I remember when my elementary school teachers — Carmelite nuns — basically considered me lost when I chose Notre Dame.  But 2 weeks ago in Crisis Magazine at least, Notre Dame has seemingly been redeemed.

I myself have found the claims that Notre Dame is no longer Catholic overblown.  Orthodoxy can use some work for sure, but we certainly do not have another Georgetown.  (When Notre Dame students start tucking in their polo shirts 24/7, give me warning, though.  Just in case.)

Moreover, regardless of whether students agree with Catholic teaching and/or follow Catholic practices or not, I have found that ND students are supremely proud to be Catholic.  Fr. Jenkins still supports the March for Life.  Masses are still celebrated every night.  The Latin Mass is still alive and well.  And nowhere else can you find students who come into Notre Dame not Catholic or even religious at all, but who come out identifying themselves as “Notre Dame Catholics.”  It’s an interesting phenomena, a special something that can happen nowhere else but Notre Dame.

Stay proud, ND.


One Response to ND regaining some cred

  1. Mike says:

    PLS gets a special shout-out in the Crisis article, by the way. For any of you Notre Dame students who might be reading this.

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